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Summer Tips for Dogs

  • Provide plenty of water and shade.

  • Fill a child-size wading pool with fresh water for your dog to cool off in.

  • Don't let your dog hangout inside it's doghouse, they can trap heat and cause exhaustion.

  • Be mindful of your dog’s breed. Dogs that are brachycephalic (have a short head and snout), such as Bulldogs, Boxers, Japanese Chin, and Pekingese, have an especially hard time in the heat because they do not pant as efficiently as longer-nosed dogs. Keep your brachycephalic dog inside with air-conditioning.

  • Apply pet sunscreen.

  • Don't shave your pet.

  • Keep your dog out of the sun during the hottest hours of the day 11am - 2pm. The best thing to do is to take walks in the early mornings or evenings, when the sun’s heat is less intense.

  • Keep your dog's paws cool; avoid exposing your dog to hot asphalt or sand for any prolonged period; it can burn his paws.

  • Be aware of mosquitoes, and use pet safe repellant if necessary.

  • Consider a life vest if you are on a boat or paddle board.

  • Keep your pets away from fireworks; this can scare them and they can run off.

  • Never leave your dog in a closed vehicle on a hot day. The temperature inside a car can reach 100 degrees in just 20 minutes.

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