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Diatomaceous Earth

Make them FLEA the spring with diatomaceous earth - a natural tick, flea and parasite control and prevention remedy!Non-toxic, food grade treatment to help prevent those pesky ticks fleas and parasites.

For ticks and fleas:

Before your next adventure in tick infested areas, lightly dust your pet with diatomaceous earth to help protect them from tick and flea bites.

How it works:

Diatomaceous earth naturally punctures the exoskeleton of most insects which causes them to lose water rapidly, dehydrate and die before they can become engorged or reproduce.

For parasites:

Chemical dewormers have many side effects and can be harmful for your pet. Diatomaceous earth has no chemical toxicity and is safe for internal use to eliminate parasites such as whipworms, roundworms, pinworms and hookworms within seven days of being fed daily.

How my pet may get a parasite:

If your pet drinks from puddles or ponds or stagnant water they may get parasites. If you believe your pet may have drank from a parasitic water source, start diatomaceous earth immediately or be proactive and feed before our outdoor adventure.

Safe and effective way to clean and detox your dogs liver.

Odorless and nonstaining.

No fillers, no synthetics, 100% pure and food grade.

Contains 15 beneficial trace minerals.

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