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A Clean House With Pets?!

Sometimes, the cleanliness of our homes can slip through the cracks when we have pets. Fortunately, having pets around is likely to increase your health and happiness, and a clean home can do the same. Keep reading for some of our top recommendations for how to keep your house clean with pets!


If your dog or cat is dirty, then your house will be too. Excessive hair, dander, and dead skin removed during grooming is excessive hair, dander, and dead skin that’s not lying around the home. When you start by grooming your pets at least once a month, then everything you clean thereafter will remain refreshed for longer.


Having a good vacuum cleaner to pick up debris and remove odor is essential, and there are a lot of options out there that are specifically designed for cleaning up after pets. When shopping for your vacuum cleaner, you’ll want to ensure the equipment you purchase has strong suction, a quality filter, and a good brush head. And, if your dog or cat gets comfy on furniture, then you should look for a vacuum cleaner that can tackle upholstery too.

CREATE A CLEANING STATION A well-equipped cleaning station can work wonders for keeping your pet, and inevitably your home, clean. With a dedicated space to wipe down your pet, you can consolidate the mess to one area. Whether it’s in your entryway or as part of your laundry room, choose a spot in or near the entry points of your home so that you can clean your furry friend before they get too far inside. As far as what’s in your cleaning station, you’ll want a heavy duty doormat, easily accessible towels and wipes, a spray bottle with water, and some treats!

REACT QUICKLY TO ACCIDENTS The longer an accident is left untouched, the more time it has to penetrate your surfaces and create an odor in your home. When possible, reacting quickly to clean up your pet’s accident(s) will give the mess minimal time to stink up your surfaces. And, when doing so, it’s important to use an enzyme cleaner when possible to make the greatest impact.

KEEP THEIR POSSESSIONS POLISHED Just like you regularly clean your pet, you should regularly clean their possessions as well. Beds, toys, clothes, and accessories can get built up with germs and odor that will only add to any existing germs or odors in your home. Ensure that your pet’s belongings are machine washable before giving them a tumble and, if they aren’t, you can wash them by hand in the sink. After being soaked in suds, leave your dog or cat’s possessions to dry, preferably outside in the sun to help kill any remaining odors. FRESH AIR FOR THE WIN In addition to air purifiers, allowing fresh air to circulate through your home can make an incredible difference on persistent pet smells. Even if it’s cold outside, a short blast of fresh air coming through the window(s) or door(s) can help tremendously with deodorizing your house.


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